Design Problem

Make a smooth Upgrade to Windows 10 experience that entices users and makes them feel both excited and comfortable with getting Windows 10



Flow creation, ideation, first round of graphics and management of visual designers.


I started by traveling to research users’ experiences with out of box experiences with various products, learning from their highs and lows with the setup. From there we completely refined the Windows 10 experience of unboxing, creating completely different experiences for a new product versus upgrading an existing PC or tablet. We streamlined experiences that weren’t necessary and created a new

Designs for a Soft Landing experience were proposed so that users could learn in-context.



Far more users chose to preview Windows 10 early as a result of the exclusivity of being a Windows Insider with an ivitation to try it early. The invitation model succeeded immensely and was closely aligned with the original idea. The setup flows for a new computer/mobile device as well as upgrading was streamlined. The overall upgrade process has been regarded as fast and hands-off for users, increasing satisfaction.

Windows 10 Upgrade, New Windows device Out of Box Experience (OOBE)

and Soft Landing



Cortana - Unboxing
Cortana's page for new Windows PC/Tablet device setup
Soft Landing
Enticement to Upgrade
Windows 7, 8 & 8.1 users see messaging like this enticing them to upgrade to Windows 10. Transparency with how many Windows Insiders upgraded has been key to show users Windows 10's popularity.
Windows10 invite
upgrade window as appearing in Windows 8
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Soft Landing contextually reveals feature to users that they haven't seen or experienced yet.
Cortana's page within the Windows Out of Box Experience for new PC & tablet purchases.
Clicking the above flyouts allows users to chase down the news about Windows 10

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